Crossroads Corner Consignment

We have our very own “permanent” booth now! We were given a great opportunity for our business and this is just what we needed. We have yet to find the perfect shop for us so this was great. We will have a booth at Crossroads Corner Consignment located in Champaign, IL, until the end of March 2017 and we couldn’t be more excited.

We get this small space in the hallway that you see as you are walking in to the store that we can fit one piece and hang a sign. This is neat because we can preview our stuff for customers before they even walk in the store!

We also get to use the whole brick wall behind the cash register to hang signs, which works perfect with my canvas signs that I hand draw. The red brick is the perfect accent for my white canvas’. I love getting to create my own signs and not always do custom signs, so this is great.


I love that we have a mixture of brick and plain walls. The owner of Crossroads is great to work with as well, I had a vision of putting these music sheets behind this dresser to add something extra in there and he was more than happy to allow me to do that! I love having a more permanent space that I can be creative with and change whenever I want.

I can’t wait to be more creative with this space over the next few months and show everyone our style and potential! Getting our name out to new customers is exactly what we need starting out. I can’t thank Crossroads enough for giving us this opportunity. Thank you for reading and if you are local, come check us out!

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