Finder’s Market

We had our first 2-day market! The Finder’s Market in Decatur, IL located at Progess City was lovely. It was their holiday market and we were more than excited to begin displaying christmas decorations! Friday afternoon we were all set up and ready for an evening of shopping! While this market was mainly focusing on christmas, we did have a small amount of fall left. And I can’t say I am looking forward to putting it all away…



img_0134 img_0133








I am however excited to bring out christmas decor and bring to life new ideas. Our first new christmas items are these adorable cinnamon stick christmas trees. Perfect for any shelf, crate, tabletop, mantle, etc to add christmas to your house!


img_0132 img_0131
















I also love making signs and christmas is the persfect season to decorate up new ideas and creations. Canvas signs are my favorite, but chalkboard come in a close second. I love being able to see something I love and know that I can recreate it and add my own touch to it.











This is the first of our holiday markets and I cannot wait to show you more of our christmas decor as the months go on! Thank you to all who came out to Decatur to see us at the Finder’s Market. Be sure to check-in in the coming weeks as we have some exciting news coming soon!


img_0126 img_0125

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