Third Sunday Market

Third Sunday Market has been around for a while ya’ll, and I am quite embarrassed to say that I have never been. Crazy I know. Probably for the best though; I walked around about a third of the place and could have spent a few hundred dollars….I can only imagine what the rest of it looked like. Good thing we were there to make money and not spend it! This was another fun market day! We were lucky and ended up getting a double booth, but with just having a market the day before and coming home with an almost empty trailer, that meant we had to scrounge to fill it back up! Luckily we have had enough furniture painted and ready for this. I love having bigger booth spaces, that way we can bring our farmhouse tables to them. I especially love this table, a big white distressed table is perfect for any farmhouse kitchen! And as I have said before, kitchen tables are perfect display pieces as well.



We brought our only dresser we had left from the previous day’s market, and one other one we had back at home. And we sold both of them! Which makes me happy because that means we get to redo some new ones we have had sitting at home to bring to our next market! I love getting to decorate with new furniture, and bring new ideas/pieces to you guys each time!


We brought a dry sink that was just finished as well. We have never had a piece like this before, and it was very popular! We brought more smaller items to this market…having sold most of our big ones the day before! Side tables were a surplus; a few stools and a chair were sold. We went through so much furniture this weekend ya’ll and I couldn’t be more excited!


Third Sunday Market is a large “flea market” for those of you that do not know. There are many vendors like us, but there are also vendors that you would see at a barn sale, garage sale, flea market, etc. It is one very large sale with just about everything in it. So the fall decorations were not the biggest ticket item here as many pickers walking around are looking for good “sales”. We are loving venturing outside of the champaign-urbana area and meeting new customers. Getting your name out there is key when starting a new business. I feel we are doing a great job at that in traveling to all of these different places. We have yet to have attend a market more than one time, trying to always make it somewhere new each month.


Thank you to everyone who came out to see us this weekend, we had so much fun! You can always follow along with us on Facebook and Instagram as well! We hope you can join us again at our market next month!

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