We now carry paint!

We are pleased to announce that we are now retailers for Dixie Belle Paint Company and MudPaint. Both of these paints are created and manufactured in the U.S.

Dixie Belle Paint is a chalk mineral paint which has superb adhesive qualities allowing you to paint over practically anything without sanding, priming or prep work.  Simply clean and paint! Dixie Belle Paint creates a gorgeous matte finish and distresses beautifully. This line has over 55 stunning colors and offers different glazes, waxes, stains, brushes, stencils and more.

MudPaint is a durable water-based paint that has a smooth, matte finish that is perfect for furniture painting, distressing and antiquing! MudPaint provides 19 colors, clear coat and waxes.

We added the MudPaint line first and so I have a few pieces of furniture completed with it that I’ll showcase here.


The dresser on the left was completed with MudPaint Suede Blue, distressed and the matte clear coat.  The dresser on the right was completed with MudPaint Sand for the bottom portion and a different dark brown chalk paint on the top.  It was distressed and clear coated as well.





This vanity, chair and mirror were all done custom for a client with MudPaint China White, distressed and clear coated.








I found MudPaint to have great coverage, self-leveling and showed no brush strokes, and was very easy to paint with. I also really liked how it distressed with little mess.  Above all else, I love that I can shake it before use, instead of having to use a stir stick!

We recently added Dixie Belle to our shop and decided to do a “Wine & Watch” to showcase both paints.  While I haven’t completed a large piece of furniture with it yet, we did do a few sample pieces for this event.  I’m going to review the process I personally use when painting furniture.

This wooden chair started out with 3 out of 4 legs broken and it wasn’t usable.  I cut off the legs, took off the old cushion, and decided to use it as a shelf to hang on the wall.  I cut a shelf-style board out of plywood to add to the chair.






I clean all my pieces first with just a regular glass cleaner and paper towels.  This helps to “degrease” the piece and take off any grime/dirt, etc.  Dixie Belle carries a cleaner called White Lightning that I haven’t had a chance to use yet.  Once I do, I will add an update to how it worked for me.

Since this chair was a really old piece I decided to put a primer on it first.  I’ve had experience with wood bleed through in really old furniture, so I always prime those pieces.  I use Zinsser Bulls Eye 1-2-3 Primer. (Make sure it is WATER-BASED!)  The good thing about primer is you don’t have to be very careful putting it on, you just want to cover it.


I then added 2 coats of Burlap Dixie Belle Paint.

This paint has such great coverage, was extremely smooth and did not show any brush strokes.  I distressed this piece, again this paint was really easy to distress. I also liked how easy the clear coat went on.  I used the matte version (they also have a gloss). It goes on white-ish in color, so you can see what you are using, then it levels out clear.  Just like MudPaint, I love how you can shake the cans before use, instead of having to stir!

At our Wine & Watch we also did a few random drawer fronts with Barn Red and Collard Greens Dixie Belle Paint. Everyone attending really liked how easy the paints were to use.

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Have you had a chance to visit us yet!?

How have we been open for a little over a month already!? Time is flying by and we could not be more excited. Our grand opening was such a success and we have all of you to thank for that. Gifford has welcomed us graciously and we cannot wait to see what the future has to offer for A Crafty Farm Shop.

For those of you who do not know, we bought an old restaurant, and turned it into a charming farmhouse store. We chose a small town like Gifford because I grew up in this small town area and we felt our style and products would fit right in. We started out last year attending markets each month and it’s crazy to say that in just one year we have grown to own an entire store now. We are constantly adding new products and furniture; the store is always looking different.

Along with all the farmhouse charm you can buy in our store; we do still take custom orders for handdrawn canvas signs and chalkpainted furniture. We are always out pickin new pieces and can certainly look for something specific for you. If you already have the piece, and you just want it painted, send us a message and we will give you a quote!

If you haven’t had a chance to visit our little shop yet, our store hours are Thurs: 10a-8p, Fri & Sat: 10a-6p. We also have a couple events coming up that you wont want to miss:

June 10th – Sidewalk Sale

June 24th – Gifford Celebration Storewide Sale

Thank you for visiting our page and be sure to check us out on Facebook and Instagram @acraftyfarmshop

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