We now carry paint!

We are pleased to announce that we are now retailers for Dixie Belle Paint Company and MudPaint. Both of these paints are created and manufactured in the U.S.

Dixie Belle Paint is a chalk mineral paint which has superb adhesive qualities allowing you to paint over practically anything without sanding, priming or prep work.  Simply clean and paint! Dixie Belle Paint creates a gorgeous matte finish and distresses beautifully. This line has over 55 stunning colors and offers different glazes, waxes, stains, brushes, stencils and more.

MudPaint is a durable water-based paint that has a smooth, matte finish that is perfect for furniture painting, distressing and antiquing! MudPaint provides 19 colors, clear coat and waxes.

We added the MudPaint line first and so I have a few pieces of furniture completed with it that I’ll showcase here.


The dresser on the left was completed with MudPaint Suede Blue, distressed and the matte clear coat.  The dresser on the right was completed with MudPaint Sand for the bottom portion and a different dark brown chalk paint on the top.  It was distressed and clear coated as well.





This vanity, chair and mirror were all done custom for a client with MudPaint China White, distressed and clear coated.








I found MudPaint to have great coverage, self-leveling and showed no brush strokes, and was very easy to paint with. I also really liked how it distressed with little mess.  Above all else, I love that I can shake it before use, instead of having to use a stir stick!

We recently added Dixie Belle to our shop and decided to do a “Wine & Watch” to showcase both paints.  While I haven’t completed a large piece of furniture with it yet, we did do a few sample pieces for this event.  I’m going to review the process I personally use when painting furniture.

This wooden chair started out with 3 out of 4 legs broken and it wasn’t usable.  I cut off the legs, took off the old cushion, and decided to use it as a shelf to hang on the wall.  I cut a shelf-style board out of plywood to add to the chair.






I clean all my pieces first with just a regular glass cleaner and paper towels.  This helps to “degrease” the piece and take off any grime/dirt, etc.  Dixie Belle carries a cleaner called White Lightning that I haven’t had a chance to use yet.  Once I do, I will add an update to how it worked for me.

Since this chair was a really old piece I decided to put a primer on it first.  I’ve had experience with wood bleed through in really old furniture, so I always prime those pieces.  I use Zinsser Bulls Eye 1-2-3 Primer. (Make sure it is WATER-BASED!)  The good thing about primer is you don’t have to be very careful putting it on, you just want to cover it.


I then added 2 coats of Burlap Dixie Belle Paint.

This paint has such great coverage, was extremely smooth and did not show any brush strokes.  I distressed this piece, again this paint was really easy to distress. I also liked how easy the clear coat went on.  I used the matte version (they also have a gloss). It goes on white-ish in color, so you can see what you are using, then it levels out clear.  Just like MudPaint, I love how you can shake the cans before use, instead of having to stir!

At our Wine & Watch we also did a few random drawer fronts with Barn Red and Collard Greens Dixie Belle Paint. Everyone attending really liked how easy the paints were to use.

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Have you had a chance to visit us yet!?

How have we been open for a little over a month already!? Time is flying by and we could not be more excited. Our grand opening was such a success and we have all of you to thank for that. Gifford has welcomed us graciously and we cannot wait to see what the future has to offer for A Crafty Farm Shop.

For those of you who do not know, we bought an old restaurant, and turned it into a charming farmhouse store. We chose a small town like Gifford because I grew up in this small town area and we felt our style and products would fit right in. We started out last year attending markets each month and it’s crazy to say that in just one year we have grown to own an entire store now. We are constantly adding new products and furniture; the store is always looking different.

Along with all the farmhouse charm you can buy in our store; we do still take custom orders for handdrawn canvas signs and chalkpainted furniture. We are always out pickin new pieces and can certainly look for something specific for you. If you already have the piece, and you just want it painted, send us a message and we will give you a quote!

If you haven’t had a chance to visit our little shop yet, our store hours are Thurs: 10a-8p, Fri & Sat: 10a-6p. We also have a couple events coming up that you wont want to miss:

June 10th – Sidewalk Sale

June 24th – Gifford Celebration Storewide Sale

Thank you for visiting our page and be sure to check us out on Facebook and Instagram @acraftyfarmshop

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From drab 2 fab

I was a busy person this past weekend!  All of these pieces have made their way to Crossroads Corner Consignment store.









This smaller hutch was in dirty shape!  Tape marks all over both sides where it had been in storage, the glass was missing from the door, and part of the trim on door was broken and chipped.  I spent time sanding it, my hubby added the chicken wire to the door and she got beautiful coats of yellow paint.  This piece sold after being in our booth for just 1 day!!







I had two of these end tables and updated them to a nice white color – what a great addition to your living room these would be!












Hello dresser #1 – This piece is solid wood, has 5 drawers, with lots of space and needed just a bit of updating. We decided on a nice mossy green color, kept the original hardware, and it looks much more stately now!










And dresser #2 – This piece is solid maple and very heavy! It has 2 smaller drawers on top and 4 larger drawers below. All it needed was a good paint job and some new knobs. This pale gray update would look great in your bedroom!

Stop by our booth at Crossroads to check them out.  Have some furniture that you want updated?  Contact us and I can give you a quote on making your drab furniture into brand new pieces again for you!

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From drab 2 fab

We purchased this cubby with drawers on the longest yard sale this past summer.  Yes, it’s ugly!  🙂  But we turned it into a very cute piece by adding shelves on the top 3 rows and painting it all white.



Such a nice piece.  Solid wood – glass doors.  We painted this a pale gray.  This one sold at the Sweet Pickins Junktique Market this past Fall.






We updated this piece to a nice blue color with stained top.  I love it when a piece has all the original hardware.  This piece is currently available at Crossroads Corner Consignment shop.






SO CUTE!  I love how this old antique piece that was pretty worn got a new life with white paint. This piece is currently available at Crossroads also!















Wow, what a difference! We added chicken wire to the inside of the door and painted her red! This piece sold in just 3 days at Crossroads!









Look how beautiful!  Seriously this piece was in bad shape.  Very worn, scratched and in need of a lot of TLC. Original hardware – painted a light blue/gray.  She will be delivered to Crossroads today!

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Crossroads Corner Consignment

We have our very own “permanent” booth now! We were given a great opportunity for our business and this is just what we needed. We have yet to find the perfect shop for us so this was great. We will have a booth at Crossroads Corner Consignment located in Champaign, IL, until the end of March 2017 and we couldn’t be more excited.

We get this small space in the hallway that you see as you are walking in to the store that we can fit one piece and hang a sign. This is neat because we can preview our stuff for customers before they even walk in the store!

We also get to use the whole brick wall behind the cash register to hang signs, which works perfect with my canvas signs that I hand draw. The red brick is the perfect accent for my white canvas’. I love getting to create my own signs and not always do custom signs, so this is great.


I love that we have a mixture of brick and plain walls. The owner of Crossroads is great to work with as well, I had a vision of putting these music sheets behind this dresser to add something extra in there and he was more than happy to allow me to do that! I love having a more permanent space that I can be creative with and change whenever I want.

I can’t wait to be more creative with this space over the next few months and show everyone our style and potential! Getting our name out to new customers is exactly what we need starting out. I can’t thank Crossroads enough for giving us this opportunity. Thank you for reading and if you are local, come check us out!

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Finder’s Market

We had our first 2-day market! The Finder’s Market in Decatur, IL located at Progess City was lovely. It was their holiday market and we were more than excited to begin displaying christmas decorations! Friday afternoon we were all set up and ready for an evening of shopping! While this market was mainly focusing on christmas, we did have a small amount of fall left. And I can’t say I am looking forward to putting it all away…



img_0134 img_0133








I am however excited to bring out christmas decor and bring to life new ideas. Our first new christmas items are these adorable cinnamon stick christmas trees. Perfect for any shelf, crate, tabletop, mantle, etc to add christmas to your house!


img_0132 img_0131
















I also love making signs and christmas is the persfect season to decorate up new ideas and creations. Canvas signs are my favorite, but chalkboard come in a close second. I love being able to see something I love and know that I can recreate it and add my own touch to it.











This is the first of our holiday markets and I cannot wait to show you more of our christmas decor as the months go on! Thank you to all who came out to Decatur to see us at the Finder’s Market. Be sure to check-in in the coming weeks as we have some exciting news coming soon!


img_0126 img_0125

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Third Sunday Market

Third Sunday Market has been around for a while ya’ll, and I am quite embarrassed to say that I have never been. Crazy I know. Probably for the best though; I walked around about a third of the place and could have spent a few hundred dollars….I can only imagine what the rest of it looked like. Good thing we were there to make money and not spend it! This was another fun market day! We were lucky and ended up getting a double booth, but with just having a market the day before and coming home with an almost empty trailer, that meant we had to scrounge to fill it back up! Luckily we have had enough furniture painted and ready for this. I love having bigger booth spaces, that way we can bring our farmhouse tables to them. I especially love this table, a big white distressed table is perfect for any farmhouse kitchen! And as I have said before, kitchen tables are perfect display pieces as well.



We brought our only dresser we had left from the previous day’s market, and one other one we had back at home. And we sold both of them! Which makes me happy because that means we get to redo some new ones we have had sitting at home to bring to our next market! I love getting to decorate with new furniture, and bring new ideas/pieces to you guys each time!


We brought a dry sink that was just finished as well. We have never had a piece like this before, and it was very popular! We brought more smaller items to this market…having sold most of our big ones the day before! Side tables were a surplus; a few stools and a chair were sold. We went through so much furniture this weekend ya’ll and I couldn’t be more excited!


Third Sunday Market is a large “flea market” for those of you that do not know. There are many vendors like us, but there are also vendors that you would see at a barn sale, garage sale, flea market, etc. It is one very large sale with just about everything in it. So the fall decorations were not the biggest ticket item here as many pickers walking around are looking for good “sales”. We are loving venturing outside of the champaign-urbana area and meeting new customers. Getting your name out there is key when starting a new business. I feel we are doing a great job at that in traveling to all of these different places. We have yet to have attend a market more than one time, trying to always make it somewhere new each month.


Thank you to everyone who came out to see us this weekend, we had so much fun! You can always follow along with us on Facebook and Instagram as well! We hope you can join us again at our market next month!

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Sweet Pickins Junktique Market

Saturday we went a little out of our comfort zone and took a two-hour trip up to Shorewood, IL. It was a neat market out of Skooter’s Roadhouse, with an open bar might I add… But it was also our best and favorite market so far. We had a lot of new furniture at this market. Most of it was out for customers for the first time! We had a customer come up shortly after the market started, said she came there looking for a black desk, what do you know we brought ours that day! Bye, bye black desk! (I didn’t have a good picture of the desk from the market, so this is all I have.)


We had two matching dressers for the first time, painting them a distressed light gray and of course these were sold together. We have been asked by multiple people before for matching dressers; they aren’t easy to come by. But we got this set and sold them immediately, we can see that they are in high demand.

img_0092We had another new dresser out that is one of my favorites so far. We will definitely be making another one of these! A regular painted dresser with a nice little handwritten touch. Great for any child’s room!

sweetpickens1 abc_dresser_after1









On the longest yard we went on this summer, we picked up a hutch that we knew we had to have. After a little TLC, we had this thing looking wonderful, we knew it wouldn’t last long. Numerous customers came by to gawk at it, measure it, and then one sweet lady bought it! This was a fantastic piece to decorate, I was almost sad to see it go, and have to move all my decorations elsewhere…We kept all the doors off of it, to use it as more of a display piece.











This was also our first fall market. We loaded up on fall decorations, not knowing how much of a high demand it would be. The fabric pumpkins we made were definitely a hit. We also had a few sets of fall pillows, canvas signs, ceramic pumpkins, etc. I love decorating for fall! Decorating for this market was so much fun, all the colors brightened up the booth and made it stand out.


img_0103img_0094Our round kitchen table sold at this market as well. This was also a fun piece for me to decorate. Tables are fun because you can change up your centerpieces and place settings each market, or use it to set up other furniture as well. You just have to be careful not to cover up the detail and beauty of the table!










Let me tell you loading up that trailer at the end of this market was much easier than unloading! We had so much fun Saturday and want to thank everyone who came out to see us! We also want to thank Sweet Pickins Junktique for throwing a fantastic market in Shorewood! Now to work on some new furniture!



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From drab 2 fab

I thought I would share some of the furniture pieces I have worked on recently.  I really enjoy transforming old drab furniture to bright new pieces!  I also love the idea of someone furnishing their spaces with furniture I have refinished myself.

I got two of these dressers from a friend (Thanks Chris for donating these!), and I couldn’t wait to work on them.  We decided on a light gray color, with a touch of distressing.  I picked out two sets of handles/knobs for this dresser and returned them both.  I just couldn’t decide!  And let’s be honest, new handles/knobs are really expensive.  Plus I wanted a creative way to showcase these dressers.

I decided to search out my local Goodwill store and decided on fabric belts from the men’s section.  I cut these into sections and used screws, spacers and nuts to attach them.  I loved the look!


BEFORE                                                                                 AFTER










We got this hutch on our longest yardsale trip.  My husband couldn’t believe we were actually buying it!  I put several coats of white on it, distressed it and added cool, rustic handles.  This piece was a huge hit at the Sweet Pickins Junktique Market – it didn’t make it back home!

BEFORE                                                                                 AFTER










This dry sink wasn’t in bad shape, but I wanted to liven it up.  I decided on a rustic red, distressed and kept the original hardware to keep that old flair.

drysink_before drysink_after













The before picture isn’t of the dresser I refinished (I forgot to take a before shot), but it represents the shape this dresser was in before I started work on it.  It had been spray painted black, banged up pretty good, and had several splotches of white latex paint on it.  We had decided this piece was going to be unique.  Mustard was the choice for color! Erin added her amazing handwriting skill and I decided to add rope handles to complete this wonderful piece.











Do you have a piece of furniture that you would like changed into something fresh and new?  Let us know!  We can give you a quote.

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